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Portable Building Features

- Treated floor beams the entire length of the building

- Floor joists spaced 16" o.c. covered with 5/8" cd plywood

- Wall studs are 2x4's spaced 24" o.C.

- 25 year treated wood siding

- Rafters spaced 24" o.C.

- 7/16 osb roof decking With #15 felt and 20 yr shingles

- 5 year limited warranty


Prices include construction within 50 miles of the Austin / San Antonio area.


Price does not include things that are required by some but not all cities such as building permits, tie downs, and upgraded features.  We require 2' clearance above and around all sides of the building.  Electricity must be available within 100' of the job site.


Popular Options






12" wide 


per foot

4' rid event 




16" wide 


per foot

12" turbine 




24" wide 


per foot





36" wide 


per foot



Loft Other Doors
8x4  $40.00 16" OC studs  $1.50  per foot Extra single door  $65.00
10x4  $50.00 4x4 treated wood ramp $100.00  Extra double doors  $105.00
12x4  $60.00 Steel house door  $250.00     


Other Services We Offer

As a General contractor licensed by the City of New Braunfels, and a State registered home builder, we are qualified to offer a full line of construction products such as decks, covers, custom homes, lake cabins, and much more. You name it we can do it.

Just give us a call for any and all of your building needs.